“As only an Italian can”: The Grand Gennaro by Garibaldi M. Lapolla

What a big, bursting lasagna of a book Garibaldi M. Lapolla’s The Grand Gennaro is, full of the pleasures of a novel, old-school and plotty, slap-dash and hasty in places, but vibrant, alive, delicious—and over too soon.

Marino Auriti’s Encyclopedic Palace on ITALICS: Television for the Italian American Experience

It was pure delight to talk about my grandfather, Marino Auriti, and his beloved Encyclopedic Palace with the Calandra Institute’s super-terrific Joseph Sciorra on ITALICS on CUNY TV. My thanks to Joe, Producer Catalina Santamaria, and Dean Anthony Tamburri for making this happen. Here’s a link to the episode on YouTube: I really am amazed […]